WBE 5210

WBE wheel balancers: WBE 5210

Balancing normal and heavy wheels

  • Product Information

    The WBE 5210, developed for trucks as well as passenger cars, offers the workshop a comprehensive range of uses. Wheels, with weights up to 200 kg, 1200 mm diameter and a width of 508 mm can "regain" their balance. The integrated pneumatic system lifts all heavy wheels effortlessly. The automatic measuring process makes balancing easier than ever; seven compensation programmes with five aluminium programmes for passenger cars and two programmes for trucks. Special programmes for passenger car wheels for splitting and matching are integrated in the software



    • Complete electronic cycle for passenger cars and trucks
    • Display of data via double LED display
    • Internal position of adhesive weights with a gauge
    • Weight separation (only cars) and balance optimisation

    Device Part No:
    WBE 5210 1 694 100 050-810
  • Technical Specification
    Rim diameter 12" - 26.5"
    Maximum wheel diameter 1200 mm
    Maximum wheel width 1" - 20"
    Maximum rim width 20"
    Maximum wheel weight 200 kg
    Air pressure connection 8 - 12 bar
    Balancing rpm truck / passenger car 100 /200 u/min
    Weight 248 kg
    Width 2000 mm
    Height 2000 mm
    Depth 1850 mm