WBE 4435

Electronic wheel balancer for bigger wheels - TFT

  • Product Information

    The wheel is quickly secured in the right position by the quick-action clamping unit of the tyre balancing electronic machine WBE 4435, with a 19" TFT monitor for display of recorded rim data. The simple and intuitive control panel enables greater functionality while the electronic data arms allow target positioning and attachment of concealed adhesive weights to be carried out comfortably and in a time-saving manner


    • Wheel balancer for passenger car, light industrial vehicle and motorbike wheels (optional accessories)
    • 19" TFT monitor
    • Simple and intuitive control panel for greater functionality
    • ALUDATA weight sticking system with automatic measurement of diameter and distance
    • Function for locking the wheel in position
    • External arm for locking the wheel in position
    • 7 passenger car and 2 motorcycle wheel balancing programmes
    • Multi-operator program
    • Separation of weights programme (invisible weights)
    • Optimisation of wheel imbalance (matching)
    • Laser ring and pneumatic wheel for quick wheel-fixing
    Device Part No:
    WBE 4435 1 694 100 234-810
  • Technical Specifications
    Balancing speed 218 RPM
    Maximum wheel weight 80 kg
    Maximum wheel diameter 1200 mm
    Maximum wheel width 1" - 21"
    Rim diameter 12" - 30"