Wheel Aligner: FWA 4630

  • Product Information

    With the FWA 4630 wheel alignment analyser, high accuracy is guaranteed right from the start through rolling run-out compensation. It can be used on more than one lifting platform through support brackets, or in a wheel alignment pit with the sensors simply placed on the floor next to the vehicle. The reference system uses a gravitational force reference to guarantee correct results.

    The vehicle database covers 35,000 vehicles. The user can extend it by individual vehicle specified data. Regular updates (optional) ensure that new models are integrated quickly. Extensive setting help options are available for correcting the steering geometry. The well laid-out user interface has functions typical for Windows to make operation very easy. Users can select between a guided routine before and after adjustment, a quick measurement without steering swing or random measurement for targeted testing of individual measured values.


    • Set-up time reduced considerably through simple positioning of the light measurement boards and sensor head
    • Fast measurement assured with rolling run-out compensation
    • Consistent accuracy on all four wheels simulatenously without having to lift the vehicle
    • Unique 3D measuring technology of FWA 4630 permits automatic, high-precision measurments
    • Robust and ergonomic design geared towards practical handling in tough workshop operation
    • Resilient plastic housing made of extruded polypropylene is resistant to oils and fuels
    • Camber and inclination pendulum in each sensor head ensure reliable, reproducible measured results
    • High reproducibility of the results guarantees reliability and competence even in the case of repititions
    • The built in unique reference system makes mobile use of the sensor head possible
    • With the correct accessories,this single wheel aligner serves to measure all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
    Part No: Description
    F 002 DG0 601-4AR 6 sensors, Wireless model
  • Technical Specification
    Technical Specifications
    Power Supply 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
    Dimensions of equipment
    trolley including colour monitor
    (W x D x H)
    870 x 780 x
    1600 mm
    Weight 100 kg
    Mechanical turntable
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 370 x 370 x
    47.2 mm
    Load bearing capacity 1000 kg
    Weight 16 kg