Bosch Nitrogen Tyre Inflator - NTI 1000

  • Product Information

    For Commercial Vehicles

    The all new Bosch Nitrogen Tyre Inflator - NTI 1000 for trucks, buses and cars featuring innovative Pressure Swing Absorbption (PSA) technology is a highly accurate and reliable product that employs standard compressed air supply to produce a Nitrogen enriched mixture of purity greater than 96%, ensuring a longer life for vehicle tyres and enhanced driver safety


    • Inbuilt Nitrogen storage tank
    • Nitrogen purity: 96-99%
    • Automatic zero-drift adjustment at the touch of a button: calibrates instantly to the local atmospheric pressure
    • Low warm-up time
    • Records the last successful filled set pressure
    • Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting
    • Retains the history of the number of tyres inflated
    • Audio and visual indication at the end of inflation/deflation cycle: audible buzzer and red LED indicator, visible from 20m to signal end of cycle
    • Can be upgraded to printer interface with minimal software intervention
    • Multiple safety control circuits embedded in the system for high levels of customer safety
    • Availability of both direct and digital ports for filling of tyres
    • Two tyres can be inflated/deflated simultaneously
    • Auto/manual shut-off to save energy after nitrogen generation
    • Nitrogen conversion can be undertaken simultaneously for two tyres at the press of a button
    • Vacumming (optional)
    Device Part No:
    NTI 1000 F 002 DGO A01-4AR

    Commercial Vehicle: Inflation requires extra storage tank

    Device Part No:
    External tank - 160 L F 002 DG1 A32-4AR
    External tank - 300 L F 002 DG1 A33-4AR
  • Technical Specifications
    Technical Details
    Capacity of Nitrogen storage Tank 60L
    Optional external Nitrogen storage tank (capacity) 160L or 300L (as per customer selection)
    2 pre-filters 40 and 5 micron filters for moisture reduction in incoming compressed air
    Unit of measurement PSI/bar
    Fully automated, fully programmable microprocessor controlled conversion system  
    Resolution 1 PSI
    Compressed air input range 10-16 bar
    Inflator accuracy +/- 1 PSI
    Power requirement 230V AC+/- 10%
    Weight 300 kg
    Nitrogen output pressure 10 bar
    Nitrogen generation capacity 280-300 Lpm