Auto Electrical Test Bench - 3 Phase

  • Product Information

    The new 3 phase Auto Eletcrical Test Bench from Bosch, designed to ensure the testing of even higher capacity alternators, is loaded with features like safety, overload protection and higher capacity.


    • Maximum Alternator Testing Capacity up to170A/ 12V and 110A/ 24V
    • Starter Free spin Test with Timer Circuit for Auto cut-off
    • Starter with Short Circuit Test protection
    • Vacuum Pump Testing with small Oil Circulation system
    • Testing at High speed (6000 rpm) and low speeds (1500rpm, 1800rpm) with Test Pulley
    • Testing of both V Pulley and Poly V groove pulley mounted Alternators
    • Cam Operated heavy duty rotary switches for Loading Alternator Test run around 10-20 minutes
    • Voltage, current display for Alternator, Starter and Battery
    • Battery Charging Facility through alternator simulating the vehicle condition
    • 02 Fans mounted on the top frame for air circulation to avoid over heating
  • Technical Specification
    • Instrument Display
    • 03 Independent Ammeter 0-200A dc (For Alternator, Starter and Battery)
    • 01 Common Voltmeter 0-100V dc
    • Drive
    • 5HP 1440 rpm 3Phase foot mounted Induction Motor
    • Protection
    • Main MCB – Complete Test Bench protection
    • Built in Over Load Relay - Motor protection
    • Electronic cut off - Starter short circuit protection
    • MCBS -Starter AC circuit protection
    • Input Power Requirement
    • 3PH- 5 Wire System with 415V /50hz, 15Amps capacity -R/Y/B/N with Grounded
    • Mounting Vice - Rugged mounting with suitable for all alternators
    • Test bench Dimensions and Weight -900mmx850mmx650mm(LXDXH) , Net Weight - 120kgs