Auto Electrical Test Bench - 1 phase

  • Product Information

    Bosch introduces the latest, user-friendly, hi-tech Auto Electrical Test Bench that enables easy, fast and accurate testing of a wide range of alternators and starter motors. This highly compact test bench can be operated at two speeds, ensuring thorough testing at both, higher and lower speeds. The test bench is extremely easy to operate and is an ideal addition to any workshop.


    • Table top model
    • Fixed 12V/24V field supply
    • Fitted with digital ammeter/voltmeter for easy reading
    • Maximum capacity of alternators that can be tested
      • 75 amps at 12V
      • 70 amps at 24V
    • Provision for checking and testing alternators at 2 speeds
      • Large V/poly - V groove pulley for high speeds
      • Small V - pulley for low speeds
    • Starter free spin testing directly from battery
    • Alternator loading through four rotary switches
    • Starter short-circuit test facility available
    • Battery Charging facility available during the alternator testing process
    • Vehicle simulation of battery charging through alternator
    • Provided with 12V battery supply for testing a wide range of electrical components like horns, bulbs, relays child parts of starters and alternators

    • Alternator output current - Digital Panel meter 0-100 Amps DC
    • Alternator output current - Digital Panel meter 0-100 V DC
    • 220V single phase, 2HP, 1440 RPM induction motor
    • Protected with circuit breakers
    • Circuit breakers incase of sudden surges in voltage
    • Fuses provided for protection of rectifiers, battery etc
    Power Requirements 220V single phase, 15 Amperes
    Vice Heavy duty, fast mounting for alternators and starters
    Dimensions 650 (l) x 725 (b) x 550 (h) mm
    Weight 85 kgs