EPS 625

EPS 625

New! EPS 625: Your Admission Ticket to Diesel Test Technology

The EPS 625 from Bosch offers adequate drive power, high torque with even-running characteristics and exact speed control for accurate testing of inline and distributor type pumps

  • Product Information

    Heavy duty injection pump test bench with HMI for your workshop

    By using the PES 625 universal component test bench, powerful conventional inline and distribution injection pumps, both from Bosch as well as other manufacturers, can be tested. As a result, the specifications from the engine and vehicle manufacturers can be maintained. Because of its robust and easy-to-use technology, the EPS 625 is a cost effective and long-lasting investment for the workshop.

    Features that become your benefits

    • Fine measuring accuracy due to
      1. Robust 18.5 kW direct drive unit, 4 pole motor
      2. Digital speed measurement
      3. Digital stroke counter and control
      4. Digital temperature measurement
    • Excellent even running characteristics due to large flywheel mass
    • High torque at lower speed ranges provided by variable frequency converter drive (special drive)
    • Maintenance friendly modular design
    • 12/24V power supply output
    • Test Oil pump is driven by dedicated 0.55 kW AC motor
    • Overload relay for motor protection with individual breaker switches
    • Torsionally stiff, anti-backlash coupling
    • Removable cover panels for easy servicing
    • Float switch in tank monitors calibration oil level

    Details at a glance

    Important sub-assemblies/ controls

    1. Measuring glass tray (260 cm3 and 44 cm3) with height adjustment control
    2. Pressure (phasing for both calibration and phasing) control valve
    3. Calibration oil tank, 50 litre capacity
    4. Test oil tandem pump unit and 0.55 kW AC motor (driver)
    5. Electrical system control box
    6. 18.5 kW AC motor, 4 pole
    7. Human machine interface (HMI) control unit with stroke, temperature and speed display
    8. Control on/off and emergency stop buttons
    9. ISO anti-backlash coupling
    10. Main switch
    11. Variable frequency converter
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data EPS 625
    L x W x H MM 2320 x 950 x 1730
    Weight approx kg 1000
    Power kW 18.5
    Motor efficiency in full load % 92.4
    Torque ( 0 to 1500 rpm) Nm 115
    Torque at 4000 rpm Nm 40
    Speed range rpm 50-4000
    Speed range accuracy (>100 rpm) rpm +/-2
    Direction of rotation: left/right CW/ACW CW/ACW
    Positioning accuracy (flywheel grauation) <)0 1
    Moment of inertia of flywheel kg/mm2 0.75
    Axis height( clamping bed height to injection pump centre) mm 125
    Coupling Assembly
    Zero-backlash multi-plate clutch Nm/0 2,600
    Power Supply
    12 V/ 24 V for start/ stop solenoids A 6
    Delivery Pump capacity
    Test oil, low pressure kPa
    0 to 400
    0 to 16.5
    Test oil, high pressure MPa
    0 to 4
    0 to 1.8
    Lube oil pressure (optional item) kPa
    0 to 600
    0 to 5.8
    Pressure gauges
    Low pressure (inlet) - external connection MPa 0 to 0.1
    Lowe pressure (inlet) - internal connection MPa 0 to 0.6
    High pressure (inlet) - internal connection MPa 0 to 6
    High pressure (housing) - external connection MPa 0 to 1.6
    Air pressure gauge (LDA pump calibration) MPa -0.1 to +0.25
    Lube oil pressure (optional item) MPa 0 to 1
    Test oil heating: electric (Approx) kW 2.5
    Time taken to heat from 25 deg to 40 deg C, approx Maximum 20
    Test oil cooling: water connection nipple   1/2"
    Coolant water consumption (approx) I/min 15
    Coolant water temperature (max.) 0C 17
    Filling Quantities
    Test oil tank, approx I 50
    Top Tray capacity for contaminated oil, approx I 10
    Lube oil tank, approx I 12
    MGT device
    Measuring glass, low quantity cc 44
    Measuring glass, high quantity cc 260
    Quantity of measuring glasses, each   12
    HMI (Human Machine Interface)
    Colour LCD display size in/. 5.7
    Total number of soft touch keys   24
    Quantity of measuring glasses, each   +/-45
    Noise with main motor off, max db-A 70
    Main colour
    Green RAL 6018
  • Test Bench Specifications
    Quantity Description Part No: Remarks
    1 EPS 625 injection pump test bench F 002 DG0 921 Supply with standard accesories
    Overall Dimensions
    Length x Width x Height mm 2320 x 950 x 1730
    Weight kg approx. 1000
    Total connected load kW 22
  • Standard Accessories
    Quantity Description Part No: Remarks
    12 Measuring glass 44cc F 002 81N S90 Loose supply
    12 Measuring glass 260cc F 002 81N S91 Loose supply
    1 Tommy bar F 002 81N Y02 Loose supply
    1 Tapper punch F 002 81N Y01 Loose supply
    1 Hose for calibrating oil return F 002 81N F07 Supplied as fitted on bench
    1 Hose for calibrating oil supply F 002 81N F94 Supplied as fitted on bench
    1 Electric cable for connecting VE pump solenoid M824.216.488-P729 Loose Supply
    1 Zero-backlash coupling F 002 81N W00 Supplied as fitted on bench
    1 Guard for coupling F 002 81N K00 Supplied as fitted on bench
    1 Measuring glass illumination M824.221.481-P002 Supplied as fitted on bench
    2 Operating and service manual