EPS 205

Diesel system test EPS, EPS 100

NEW! The compact tester for conventional and common-rail components EPS 205

The most important new product features are:

  • Piezo test (CRI) - Bosch, Denso, Siemens
  • Single clamping and injection chamber for all components
  • Easy handling during injector clamping operation
  • CRIN clamping operation using the existing CRI/CRIN 848H adapter
  • Measuring injectors > 1800 bar (with reduced test step)
  • Accurate measuring technology
  • Product Information - Features

    Testing diesel components safely and easily

    • Piezo CRI (from Bosch and third-party manufacturer)
    • Solenoid valve CRI (Bosch and other third-party manufacturers) and solenoid valve CRIN (Bosch)
    • DHK and UI nozzles (warranty assessment possible)
    • Step Holders

    More power in a compact format: EPS 205 Efficient common-rail injector test

    Flow-based injector test using a piezo CRI test as example

    • Leak test
    • Injector start behavior(without return flow counter-pressure)
    • ISA tuning
    • Full-load quantity (VL)
    • Pilot injection quantity(VE)
    • Idle quantity (LL)
    • Emission Quantity (EM)
    • Actuator resistance

    Conventional nozzle test (DHK and UI nozzle)

    • Combination leak test (inner leak test)
    • Seat leak test
    • Electric buzz test
    • Measurement of nozzle opening pressure
  • Product Information - Benefits

    Environmental and user-friendliness

    Minimal oil mist in the workshop through integrated suction device

    Efficient working

    • Very high economic feasibility through automatic testing, simple menu with graphical and numerical display of measurement results.
    • Integrated database for storage for test values and customer data
    • Test values "on board" (CD Test Data) on delivery of the device, selection via part numbers
    • Integrated flushing program for clean diesel components in DHK and UI testing
    • Realistic operating state from pressure generation up to 1800 bar via the integrated common-rail-high-pressure pump

    Efficient operation

    • Intuitive user interface with touch-screen operation
    • Simple shutdown of the return flow counter- pressure

    Functional design

    • Space-saving compact form
    • Windows XP embedded operating system
    • Interface for printer, monitor, CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, network connection