Bosch Battery Load tester for 4 Wheelers

  • Product Information

    The compact and technologically advanced battery load tester from Bosch simplifies the process of diagnosing batteries. With easy-to-read LED indicators and accurate measurements, the Bosch Battery Load Tester is a must have tool for fast and efficient service.

    This equipment is used to test 12V Lead acid type automotive batteries. A 5 second test determines the condition of the battery and is indicated as “Good”, “Weak” or “Bad”. The battery load tester is also a versatile tool doubling as a voltmeter when used in a “No load” condition.


    • Test result in LED voltage capacity
    • Visual indication (Good, Weak, Bad)
    • Test data in front panel for quick reference
    • Functioning as voltmeter at “No load” condition
    • Regulator voltage testing during engine running at “No load” condition
    • Testing of starter motor (cranking voltage test) at “No load” condition
    • “Beep” sound indication for reverse polarity connection
    Device Part No:
    Battery Load Tester F 002 H32 306 4AR
  • Technical Specification
    Application 12V Automotive Batteries
    Test Range 32Ah -180Ah
    Testing Method Fixed Load Test
    Testing Duration 05 Sec